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Bachelorette Ideas.

Planning a special ladies night out before the big day. Here are a few ideas for the bridal party to ensure an unforgettable evening for the bride to be!

Dress Up Themes / Ideas:

  1. Superheroes.

  2. Villians.

  3. Cartoon / Disney Characters.

  4. Sailors.

  5. Cabaret Dancers.

  6. Maids.

  7. Glow in the dark.

  8. Dress up with matching headbands.

  9. Dress as your favourite music star.

  10. Dress up according to a decade 20s...50s...70s... 80s.

  11. Dress up according to the Brides name e.g. Catherine so anything beginning with a C.

  12. Cowboys and Cowgirls.

  13. Belly Dancers.

  14. Dress up as characters of the brides favourite movie.

  15. Dress up as Game of Thrones characters or any other series characters.

*For those of you not big on dressing up, you can always dress up in black, red or pink (with feather boas). This is always effective!

Type of Party you can host:

  1. A Pajama Party/ Sleep over party.

  2. Lingerie and Wine Night.

  3. Karaoke Night.

  4. Private Party Bus / Limousine Hire.

  5. Book a Nightclub/Restaurant.

  6. Bar Hopping Night.

  7. A Champagne And Pearl Party.

  8. Pool Party (this can be tastefully done with inflatables such as flamingo lilos).

*If you are looking for something more casual during the day, a great idea would be to organize a group pamper day at a spa where the bride and her ladies can get a much needed massage as well as get their nails done.

Alternatively you can also organize a girls weekend away at a game lodge or at a coastal resort for a bit of R & R before big day.


  • Ensure there are snacks for the guests.

  • Designate a responsible driver / ensure there is safe transport for the night.

  • Look for bachelorette group packages offered by clubs which will help you cater for your event as well as reduce your costs.

  • Budget for expenses such a drinks consumed on the night as well as entrance fees and additional catering.

Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Till next time,

Lyds xxx

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