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Motivation, direction and achieving your goals.

Every now and then we need to take some time out to re-evaluate our lives and the goals which we have set for ourselves. Whether they be personal or professional it is important to draw some inspiration from speakers and influencers which can help steer us in the right direction. Compiled below is a list of individuals who’s perspectives can certainly help us achieve our goals in the most effective manner through their innovative techniques and viewpoints which they offer.

Helping change our lives and opening us up to new perspectives are for starters:

1) Matthew Hussey.

Navigating the dating world can be a rather challenging process. Listening, reading and watching Matthew Hussey’s material is a great and enlightening way to engage with modern day dating issues. Matthew provides brutally honest as well as sound advice on how to deal with people and relationships.

Matthew places a lot of emphasis on bettering oneself and raising self confidence particularly in women who find it hard to find “the guy”. His work also places a lot of emphasis on the investments we make particularly within our personal relationships and how to best manage situations and our expectations.

Matthew is a great speaker by saying it "as it is". Every young girl and particularly unattached ladies out there should take a listen to his multiple videos and read his book to get a good grasp on how to handle their personal relationships. It is important to know your worth and the treatment that is acceptable and unacceptable and Matthew Hussey helps with just that.

2) Joe Vitale.

This influencer gained much of his success and exposure through his widely recognized books Zero Limits and Attractor Factor. Joe Vitale furthermore gained more attention by being featured on the popular Law of Attraction film The Secret. As a man who formally struggled and later succeeded in life, Joe Vitale gives advice on how we can transform ourselves.

He is a proponent who has encouraged people to improve their lives and finances by getting his audience to understand how to achieve their goals by changing their attitude towards them. His teachings emphasize on how we need to be "clear" in order to be at a better place to achieve our goals.

It is important to note that Joe Vitale along with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len popularized a Hawaiian meditative practice called Ho’oponopono which is widely used by people looking to create inner peace, forgiveness as well as reconciliation, in order to achieve a "clear" state. Without going into too much detail, individuals practicing this meditation are required to repeat the following phrases:

  • I love you.

  • I’m sorry.

  • Please forgive me.

  • Thank You.

This in turn helps people overcome issues they are dealing with and find inner peace. This in turn helps them release their pain and "clear" the emotional blockages affecting their progress. It is said this practice has a profound effect on a person and in creating harmony within them to help them move on with their lives and achieve their goals. This in essence helps in leaving behind negative limiting attitudes brought on by previous experiences.

3) Mable Katz.

In the same school of thought as Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is Mable Katz who is also a proponent of the Ho’oponopono technique. Mable Katz left her career as an accountant to pursue a career in teaching people how to change their lives. There are multiple talks online which she has given on coaching people to recognize the potential of changing their lives and gaining success by applying the practice of Ho'oponopono.

4) Louise Hay.

Another prominent person who has authored and spoken extensively on self help matters is Louise Hay. Her purpose towards helping people is focused at getting people to acknowledging their own self worth. She has often emphasized through her work that the most important relationship a person has is with themselves and this primarily needs to be nurtured. Louise Hay has commented that the relationships we have inevitably end whether by death or by circumstance. It is by this means that we should always be happy and prioritize the relationship which we have with ourselves in order to achieve better success at getting what we want out of life.

Even though Louise Hay recently passed away she has an extensive following online. People can follow her helpful videos particularly through affirmations which they can listen to. These affirmations are guided to raise peoples perception of their own selves and acknowledge their power and their worth.

5) Simon Sinek.

A modern day influencer who has had a rather encapsulating perspective on success has been Simon Sinek. Sinek's viewpoints on the "millennial question" effectively addresses the millennial interpretation of modern day success and the challenges which the younger generations are presented with. The following is an interview which gained significant attention as Sinek brings into view the effects and expectations brought into the current day workforce by younger generations. It is here where he looks at issues such as parenting, environments and entitlement which are often factors in having created "high expectations". Viewing this clip will help one recognize the flaws which is inherent in society. It is important to recognize how we go about achieving our goals instead of simply expecting them.

Acknowledging these perspectives from these influential people can certainly help us in re-positioning our thoughts in a more productive manner. It is inevitable that we get stuck from time to time, therefore understanding and recognizing a new way of thought can help us re-position our lives and propel us forward in achieving the goals we have set.

Strengthening ourselves, our minds and learning to apply a new outlook on life can be all that is needed to get us where we need to be. These individuals and their teachings maybe have a point in getting us there after all.

Listen, Learn & Apply.

Till Next Time,

Lyds xxx

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