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Movie Bucket List

Have some free time? Taking a few days off for the holidays? Get comfy and get the popcorn ready!

Here is a list of some must see movies:

1) August Rush

2) Walk the Line

3) Sleepless in Seattle

4) Pretty Woman

5) Father of the Bride I & II

6) Finding Forester

7) The Holiday

8) Something Borrowed

9) Love Actually

10) Serendipity

11) La La Land

12) The Young Victoria

13) First Wives Club

14) You've Got Mail

15) Sweet Home Alabama

16) The Pelican Brief

17) Sense and Sensibility

18) Mama Mia

19) Cassablanca

20) Finding Neverland

A time worthwhile spent!

Till next time!

Lyds xxx

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