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Thirty, Flirty and Thriving!

February has been a busy busy month! As I write this blog I reflect on the days that have come to pass, the various activities I have been up to but most importantly all that I am grateful for. To this end, I have decided to dedicate this post to my amazing friends and family who truly made my birthday week an unforgettable one. To each and every one of you I thank you all !

On the 8th February 2018 I celebrated my 30th Birthday, a week which turned out to be quite the unexpected celebration!

Here is a snippet of what went down.

Leading up to my birthday I was pretty daunted with the prospect of entering into a new decade. From when had time passed so quick that 30 was right here! Literally it crept up on me!

For the past few weeks I was tossing with the idea of how to celebrate my birthday. Do I do something casual? Do I do something big? Something small? I was admittedly a little stumped. As the days went by I was increasingly worried that I was not going to be doing anything knowing what a busy month I would be having. But as fate would have it or rather "Eva" would have it I was instead surprised with the most amazing surprise party!

What was unknown to me that all this time, whilst I was busy worrying about what to do, my cousin Eva along with my friends and family executed the ultimate surprise and boy did I notice nothing. All I can say I was seriously impressed at how everyone was able to keep quite leading up to my birthday and more surprised that I had not taken notice of any of the preparations taking place! Between my mom, my gran, Eva and Irene they were able to transform the house whilst I was taken to "lunch". I reflect on this and I laugh.

On the 4 February the day of my surprise I was taken to lunch by my god-sister Sylvia to Aurelia's at Emperors. That alone was an amazing day out as we spent time catching up and chatting. The "plan" for the day was to go out and have dessert at home, which seemed like a chilled afternoon and something that I really needed after a long week. At this point, still not having any idea what was happening, I was merrily enjoying my relaxed afternoon!

How that changed!

On returning home and pulling up to the gate, I was greeted with a resounding SURPRISE! and the image of 40 friends and family standing outside the gate. That image of everyone standing outside will remain with me forever! I was in serious awe and it was rather emotional. The funny part is that you may never know how you will react until it actually happens. I immediately gasped and began to tear up. As the gate was opening and it all sank in I honestly could not believe my eyes. That moment was something else.

My house which a few hours before was completely normal upon leaving had transformed with pink and gold balloons. How you guys pulled it off I have no idea! The rest of the afternoon was spent in good company with delicious food and dessert. Honestly I could not have imagined it spent better.

In the days to come I received many wishes from family and friends who had seen my surprise over social media and also got to enjoy a small office party at work. For all the friends and colleagues wishing me during this time a big thanks goes to you as well. On my actual birthday itself I was able to spend it with my family over dinner so all in all it was a REALLY REALLY good week!

Realizing how blessed I am having spent the past few days with friends and family celebrating I would like to thank those who were able to attend my birthday and for making my day all that you made it to be, I will never forget it. I would also like to thank my mom and gran for helping pull off this amazing day and for my lovely "second" lunch. Last but not least I would like to thank Eva for all your efforts in making my day so memorable. No one has ever gone to such a length for me and this is truly appreciated! P.S. The dessert you made was absolutely delish and the details did not go unnoticed. I truly loved them all.

Below are a few pictures of my week (Press on pics for a larger view)

Till Next Time Bonzie Readers!

Lyds xxx

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